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Victoria Lee for District Leader of the Democratic Party's Assembly District 65

I’m running because I believe change happens through representation. I want to hear the voices of all, not just the loudest. I want to get people excited about local politics because we need more diverse and progressive representation. I want to hold fellow elected officials accountable to serving in the best interest of the people they represent.
I promise to be the leader who raises the community's voice.

What is a District Leader?

A District Leader is an unpaid volunteer elected official that is subject to primary elections every two years. District Leaders represent the party members in their district and have the following formal responsibilities:

  • Listens to the residents in their district, including organizing meetings and events, to learn about issues impacting their quality of life.

  • Works with the district’s city, state, and federal elected officials to ensure the community's voice is heard.

  • Holds elected officials accountable by organizing opposition when elected officials, city and state agencies ignore local residents. 

  • Sits on the Executive Committee of the County Democratic Committee, and attend Democratic Party meetings and events on behalf of the district.

  • Promotes Democratic turnout in elections and serves as an information resource for the district's voters.

  • Elects judges for the Civil, Supreme, and Surrogate Courts.

  • Hires poll workers and election inspectors for the primary elections every September and the general elections in November.

Where is District 65D?


Victoria's Impact 

I've proven I'm ready for the challenge

  • Co-founded a successful non profit organization, Welcome to Chinatown. 

  • Recognized by State Senator Brian Kavanagh for Welcome to Chinatown's remarkable contributions to the community throughout the COVID pandemic in February 2021.

  • Advocated for Chinatown small business owners when zip code 10013 was excluded from New York City's Hard Hit Neighborhood Recover Program. The letter writing and social media campaign to raised awareness that businesses were denied access to the $37 million loan program and led to the development of an Asian community task force with NYC's Small Business Services Department.

  • Launched a grant program committed to providing $1 million in relief funds for Manhattan's Chinatown to help small business owners that were shut out of city and private funding.

  • Created Meet Chinatown, a digital directory of Chinatown small businesses to solve the lack of web presence and toxic review culture while promoting tourism to the neighborhood.

  • Partnered with the U.S. Census to ensure underserved and minority populations were represented.

  • Supported vaccination efforts for Chinatown seniors and non-English speakers by organizing community events and canvassing efforts.

  • Stands in solidarity with the BIPOC community by supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and leading Stop AAPI Hate initiatives.

  • Proven track record of getting people excited and involved by recruiting talented young professionals to give back to the community.

Vote for Victoria Lee on June 22

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